About Furulid

Equmeniakyrkan Motala, a congregation of Uniting church in Sweden, locates its activities to Furulid during the summer. Furulid is beautifully situated at Varamobaden, a five km long beach of lake Vättern. There are rich opportunities for sun, relaxation and recreation in natural environment. Furulid is open from 1 June to 5 August.

Our cafe is open daily from 14:00. Here you can order a cup of coffee and a homemade cake. We also have several types of sandwiches. And needless to say, a warm summer day requires a refreshing ice cream!

We offer accommodation in six cottages and three rooms. The cottages are scattered in the area and are popular holiday homes, the most desirable weeks are usually booked long before the snow has melted away! The rooms have either two or three beds and you share a kitchen and a living room with the guests in the other rooms. We also have camping sites for caravans and tents.

Furulid offers a wide and diverse range of events throughout the summer. That means many exciting moments for all ages. Browse the summer program (only in swedish) – you will certainly find something that interests you.

Midsummer Eve is a day with many visitors at Furulid. In addition to dancing around the midsummer pole, there are various activities for all ages. During the afternoon and evening there will be a couple of musical performances from the scene.

Curious? Make a visit and experience what Furulid and Motala have to offer!

Varamovägen 58 B
591 72 Motala, Sweden

Phone: +46 141 21 18 92
Email: info@furulid.se

X=6491770 Y=1453546

Lat: N 58° 32´ 46.50"
Long: E 15° 0´ 26.75"